Curtain Wall is a façade system that offers unlimited design freedom and allows maximum transparency. Innovative solutions contribute towards the tendency of large, heavy and high insulated glass panes. Our extensive range of profiles meet all requirements of conventional and contemporary architecture.

These systems are available in several design and glazing variations, but also includes different technical variants to comply with specified levels of fire resistance and thermal insulation. We offer a wide range of design variations for both the exterior and interior of the building. In addition to offering double and triple glazing systems, our glazing variants range from using standard pressure plates, to structurally glazed and structurally clamped solutions.

Our aluminum systems are designed to work flawlessly together. All folding, sliding and other operable elements can be glazed into a curtain wall. An operable vent design with no visible exterior sash is also available in a top-hung or parallel opening configuration for a sleek-balanced finish.

Technical Specs

  • air tightness: A4 (600 Pa) / AE 1200
  • wind load resistance: 2000 Pa
  • water tightness: R7 (600 Pa) / RE 1200
  • glazing thickness: 2 7/16"
  • weight tolerance: 992lbs


  • high insulation
  • fire resistant
  • automated vent
  • exterior cap variants
  • mullion depths


  • clear anodized
  • champagne anodized
  • bronze & black anodized
  • 200+ powder-coated RAL colours
  • wood grain


  • top-hung hidden vent
  • parallel-opening hidden vent
  • turn & tilt casement

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