Natural lighting is vital in attaining sustainability. By reducing our dependency on artificial lighting, we can further reduce the need for unnecessary energy consumption. Skylights are designed to not only provide visual connections to the exterior of a building, but also provide the ability to achieve a tranquil ambiance from the natural light they let in. The benefits of skylights extend beyond our environment to our own personal well-being. The increase in natural light that a skylight provides can have a variety of physical and psychological benefits. These benefits range from a natural mood enhancer to increased productivity. Therefore, reduction in the use of artificial lighting is essential.

We offer multiple skylight solutions able to meet a vast array of design requirements. Although we do provide conventional skylight systems, it is the innovation behind our thermally-broken system that makes it able to perform thermally and structurally to some of the largest capabilities in the industry. As a result of our thermally-broken skylight system and curtain wall sharing the same high-performing insulated profile, the system performs identically and offers energy efficiency levels well beyond North American energy regulations for commercial skylights.

In applications where an operable vent is required, our flush roof vent system has been developed to perfectly blend into a building’s outer shell without causing any disruption to the surface, with inclination angles of 5° up to 80°. An automated version is especially convenient in applications where windows are in hard-to-reach places. With this type of opening, architectural creativity is limitless.

Technical Specs

  • air tightness: A4 (600 Pa) / AE 1200
  • wind load resistance: 2000 Pa
  • water tightness: R7 (600 Pa) / RE 1200
  • glazing thickness: 2 7/16"
  • weight tolerance: 992lbs


  • thermally broken
  • conventional skylight
  • high insulation
  • fire resistant
  • automated vent
  • exterior cap variants
  • mullion depth


  • clear anodized
  • champagne anodized
  • bronze & black anodized
  • 200+ powder-coated RAL colours
  • wood grain


  • flush roof vent

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