As a result of architects and building owners looking for ways to decrease a building’s energy consumption and cost, the need for thermally efficient products has increased throughout North America. In conjunction with the high performance frame, we are able to provide one of the most thermally efficient doors on the market. Our high insulation door system meets the industry's most intense requirements regarding thermal insulation, durability and security.

Our swing doors provide the durability, size and modern styling of commercial aluminum doors while also having the refinement, precision and protection of residential door systems. Our doors are not only able to swing taller and wider than most manufacturers, but they also lead the industry in thermal performance.

These systems are available in a variety of inward and outward configurations. Whether the project requires triple glazing or double doors, it is a guarantee that we will have a suitable solution for any application.

Technical Specs

  • air tightness: 4 (600 Pa)
  • wind load resistance: 5 (2000 Pa)
  • water tightness: E900 (900 Pa)
  • glazing thickness: 2"


  • high insulation
  • high insulation plus
  • handles
  • locks


  • clear anodized
  • champagne anodized
  • bronze & black anodized
  • 200+ powder-coated RAL colours
  • wood grain


  • single in/out swing
  • double in/out swing
  • offset pivoting

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